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Hi Everyone.
Firstly, our thanks to the people who have taken the time to write us such Nice Letters - we really appreciate it! Below is a brief summary / introduction to this website. (You can view this Introduction & Summary to our Physics Philosophy Metaphysics Website on its own page.)

Over the past ten years we have read many great minds on the subjects of truth and reality (physics, philosophy and metaphysics) and collected numerous quotes and images which make up a large part of these pages. Our site stats show that about 10% of you are repeat visitors, i.e. about 10,000 of the 100,000 people who visit this site each week (total of 200,000 page views / 10 million hits if you include images). So we assume that a lot of people appreciate these pages as a useful resource. However, the purpose of this website is not just to present existing knowledge, but rather to show that despite the postmodern view of 'no absolute truths', there is actually a very simple sensible language for understanding physical reality and thus knowing absolute truth.

In hindsight the mistake is obvious. We start with Space (empirical senses require Space for things to exist in - we all commonly experience existing in Space). The error was to add 'time' and 'particles' to Space which then led to the problems of how these things are interconnected (thus we had to also add naked women to connect the 'particles' in 'space-time'). Newton first formalised this particle conception of matter (which dates back to Ancient Greek Philosophy), and it became the foundation for all of Physics. However, Philosophy and Metaphysics have always known that there was an underlying Dynamic Unity of Reality (to explain the necessary interconnection of all things in the Universe).

The solution is to begin and end with Space (not add other things to it!). Thus we must consider the Properties of Space. And given the particle / wave duality of light and matter, it then follows that if there are no 'particles' then we should consider if matter is a Wave Structure of Space - that Space has the Properties of a Wave Medium. When we do this we deduce (and thus unite) fundamentals of Quantum Physics, Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Cosmology. It is very simple, anyone can determine the truth of this for themselves (it is deduced, not anyone's opinion, and it is the most Simple Science Theory for describing physical reality which clearly works).

Why is this important? Well it tells us what we really are as humans, how we exist as matter in Space, how we are subtly interconnected to all other matter in the universe (which is pretty amazing when you really think about it!). And naked women past errors of knowledge that currently cause harm not just to the Sciences, but to Society itself.
I am sure that most people realise that the world has many serious and disturbing problems. e.g. Human overpopulation resulting in pollution of air food and water, the destruction of Nature (with radical climate change a likely result), and the endless conflicts that arise when our societies are founded on custom / myth rather than truth (our current world / society).

It also seems that we individuals have little power to improve things. This is something that initially depressed me, I live in Nature (on 600 acres of natural bush) and find Nature both beautiful and amazing. It is clearly true that we evolved from Nature and depend upon Nature for survival, yet as a collective we are obviously destroying Nature, thus our future survival (stop and think about your children for a moment, their future).
History shows us though, that it is we individuals who do actually change the world, because it is individuals who discover knowledge, and it is knowledge that changes the world by changing how we think and live. Where we have true knowledge we tend to act more wisely (philosophy is founded on this), when our knowledge is untrue (myth, custom) we are more foolish, stupid and inclined to conflicting 'cultural / relative truths' that cause Humanity endless conflicts and brutality.

So I hope that you will take heart and determination from this - it is you, the people who are now reading this naked women, who contribute to our collective society, that change our world. And if you want to make the world better, you do it with true knowledge, which requires a correct understanding of physical reality. Most significantly, with the evolution of the Internet / Google, knowledge is now freely available to the world, and can be spread very quickly. We are hoping that we can convince 1% of people who use this website to help. It is very simple, just add a link to one of our pages that you like. Assuming only 1 in a thousand people help we will still get around 100 links a week which would be enough to get our main pages in the top ten at Google over the next year or so (our aim). And given the existing censorship in physics publications it is very difficult to get knowledge of the Wave Structure of Matter published in journals, so we believe that using the Internet is the most efficient way to get this knowledge visible to the naked women.

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As we see things, Sex and Erotica are profound and fundamental aspects of our biological and cultural evolution. We can cultivate and share these beautiful things, and enjoy their growth, or we can ignore them and allow them to fade from our minds and lives. So we like to think that our work in creating Erotica is a positive contribution towards a beautiful erotic human culture where all individuals are free to explore and cultivate their own unique sexuality.
Our Morality? Informed Consent and 'Do Unto Others' are a pretty good foundation.
We try to avoid the depressing feel of sleazy pornography and promote quality Erotic Art. What is the difference? Our opinion is that pornography is always sexually explicit. It is not necessarily arousing (particularly if the people involved do not appear to be truly enjoying themselves), nor is pornography genuinely interested in naked women. Good quality eroticism, unlike pornography, is generally less sexually explicit and always sexually arousing. Eroticism is more artistic than pornography in capturing the beauty, shape and form of the human body and its deeper portrayal of our emotions, lust and desire.

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As the editor points out in the intro, "nude" usually means "nude European female 20-ish, and probably thin."

This book does a lot better. Yes, the subjects are mostly or all nude, and yes they're all women. No, they are not all Anglo, as Phan, Sullivan, and Torcello show. No, they are not all young adults, as Murphy and Kander show. No, they are not all thin, as Glover, Casanave, and Perotte show.

Yes, they are fully functioning women, as O'Sullivan and Fink show, with surprising tributes to physical motherhood. And yes, the female shape is a wonderful thing, simply as a shape, as Carnegie, Lategan, and others show - whatever it is they show.

These pictures give much to think about. Saudek's "Ballerine" proves that age strikes different parts of a woman differently. Look at this portrait again, but not the face, to see what I mean - youth lasts a lot longer than you might think. Go back to Braham's Flower and allow yourself a giggle before you even see where the humor lies. Go all the way forward to Zeschin's contribution, and see why 'bigger is better' just isn't true. Not false, surely, butnaked women did it.

The book is organized alphabetically by the working name (not necessarily the born name) of the photographer. In other words, it is utterly random with respect to dates, style, subject, technique, or any other aspect of the images themselves. This emphasizes the photos, the individual women, and the spectrum of womanhood. Still, it leaves me hanging in some intellectual sense - is there some underlying order that I've missed, or is it my job to impose my own naked women?

I am passionate about women's beauty, as is the editor. Whatever you may have thought, this is a clearly non-erotic view of womanhood, in most cases. Being bare, even being fully sexually functional, are different from being erotic.
To start with, you can disregard the editorial review above. It's so
inaccurate it might be talking about another book altogether!
Many of the photographers it mentions -- Angel Baccassino,
Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Larry
Clarke, Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn, Steven Meisel, Herb Ritts,
and Mario Testino -- are NOT represented in this book! But the
others mentioned are here. And many more, too. Most of them
are unfamiliar to me, but I haven't followed the photographic
scene in a long time, so it's no reflection on then that I've never
heard of them. Some of the great ones I do remember are here,
such as hot naked women, Edward Steichen, Eadweard Muybridge,
Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Bill Brandt, Eugene Atget, Imogen
Cunningham, and naked women.

Having tried my hand at photographing the female nude some
years back, I know it's not as easy as one might think to get good,
professional, artistic results. One needs more than a naked woman
and a camera! One needs some inspiration, intuition, creativity,
and rapport with the subject or the most expensive equipment and
the most shapely woman won't achieve much but vapid,
amateurish, or lewd photos. My own limited attempt at the genre
was interesting and enjoyable, but I knew I had no talent for it. So
I can respect even more the really great photographers who have
mastered this difficult art form.

The photographs here range from 19th century pictorialism to 21st
century modern abstract. Some ofnaked women are really striking, such as
Paul Murphy's topless portrait of a 70 year old woman posing like
a glamour girl, her drawn and weathered face and arms in stark
contrast to her remarkably young-looking smooth breasts! And
Jan Zwart's study of two women, a Moslem and a Westerner, with
the Moslem woman covered from head to toe in a Burka with only
her eyes showing, and the Western woman completely naked
except that her eyes are covered! An interesting, ironic comment
on two distinctly different cultures. Jemima Stehli's self-portrait
with her nude model is also good, but it would have had more
impact if she, too, had been nude. Lewis Morley's demure nude
portrait of Christine Keeler, the woman who brought down the
British government in 1963 with the Profumo scandal, belies the
tumult she once caused. She looks like an innocent school-girl
here. And John Knill's photo titled simply "Bottom" is just that --
a large image of a very impressive, curvaceous female bottom.

This book is for adults only. Some of the images are quite
graphic. Some are just ugly and others grotesque. A few are so
abstract that the subject, a nude, is unrecognizable as such. So it
pretty much covers the whole spectrum of nude photography as an
art form. I recommend it to all fans of the female form in
photography. naked women
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